Rinoko Group
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RGIT & Property Group of Companies

RinokoGroup is a pioneer in digital enablement for businesses and a leader in empowering people. established in 2016 RinokoGroup has integrated technology solutions and experience, we drive business strategy and change. The integration of technology and processes with employees is necessary for every company to run smoothly and efficiently. By being in the technical sector, an area that expands and has more power than any other, we have an advantage to make your processes run smoothly by offering you customized computer software, Graphic design and mobile Apps.

RinokoGroup recognises opportunity in many things hence we are also property investors, Shelter being a basic need RinokoGroup has residential units for rental in Gauteng. We offer clean units and prioritize the safety of our tenants. RinokoGroup holds a level 1 BBBEE Certificate.